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My name is Olivia. I’m a clinical herbalist and the founder of Organic Olivia, a company where I share tips about living a healthy life and create the herbal formulas I always wished were available.

I believe that a crucial part of getting well and staying well is making informed decisions not only about what we put into our bodies, but what we bring into our homes. When I found out that you spend a third of your life on your mattress (and discovered the chemicals that can come with them!), I knew I had to find a non-toxic alternative without sacrificing comfort.

Enter: The Clean Bedroom. The team here has been nothing but incredible in my search, and after vetting all of the incredible brands and options that they offer, I knew I had to share with my community.

The Sublime Superb by Vispring. Two-layer hand-nested calico pocket spring construction. Exclusive natural fillings: Platinum Certified British fleece wool, hand-teased long-strand horsetail blended with Platinum Certified real Shetland wool, silk and mohair, blended Platinum Certified real Shetland wool and organic cotton. Finest quality ticking. Hand-tied woollen tufts and twine.

Sublime Suberb Mattress

I think everyone will want to know the make and model of the mattress we ended up getting.

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This is the topper I got with the bed.

Filled with Platinum Certified British fleece wool and blended British wooland cotton and edged in contrasting ticking.

Heavenly Luxury Topper

With the growing concern about the effects of all the harmful pesticides, chemicals, and toxins found in average home bedding solutions, more and more consumers are looking for a healthier, safer alternative.

While you may have heard about the benefits of making such as switch, finding a natural mattress store can test your willpower to follow through. With our online natural bedding stores, get the solutions you need to live a healthier, happy life!

Visit thecleanbedroom.com and vispringnyc.com (a sister brand located under the same roof) to experience the best in organic bedding and mattress products. The Clean Bedroom has public showrooms in Manhattan (NY), Portsmouth (NH) and Indianapolis (IN), and can be reached at (212) 764-3232 via text or voice.

The Organic Mattress and Bedding Store

There is an Obasan comforter for every climate. The Banff 2.0 is a medium weight organic comforter. These comforters come in three different weights and can be joined together to keep you warm even in the coldest weather. They covered in 100% organic cotton sateen and quilted using a wave pattern to prevent organic wool from clumping up.

Banff Organic Wool Comforter

Another great accessory: a clean comforter.

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The Studio 12" natural latex mattress provides unmatched comfort with its extra-soft top layer providing the most pressure relief of all models. It also includes multi-zoned comfort layers and the choice of a firm or medium base. This mattress can be customized to meet anyone's needs, regardless of body type, weight, or predominant sleep positions, making it perfect for all adults.

Studio Organic 12" Latex Mattress

This Obasan mattress is another great option and was a VERY close second (they also make my favorite pillows!)

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The Studio 10" features a 4" medium or firm base layer and a customizable middle 4" inch rubber core divided into 3 comfort zones: shoulder, hip, and knee. It is topped with a 2" soft top to reduce surface pressure points and encased in a removable organic cotton jersey envelope.

Studio Organic 10" Latex Mattress

This is another mattress we were considering as an alternative.

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One of my all time favorite pillows. Nick loves their shredded rubber pillow, too.

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This completely organic wool pillow will invite you to go to sleep! One side is covered in silky organic cotton and the other is covered in soft cotton jersey so that you can adjust your pillow to your sleeping temperature.

Obasan Organic Wool Adjustable Pillow

Pure comfort. Purely organic. Luxurious organic wool is wrapped in an organic cotton casing. The wool will help to regulate body temperature for a deeper night of sleep. Utilizing a mattress topper also helps relieve pressure points.

Obasan Wool Mattress Topper

A wool topper we loved.

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The mattress comes with two 3" organic rubber cores-one medium and one firm and can be flipped for the desired firmness. The cores are encased in soft certified organic jersey cotton. The jersey cover is removable so you can air it out or spot clean it. This mattress is very versatile!

Fundy 6" Kids Mattress

This mattress is great for kids!

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Naturally Organic Hudson Organic Mattress

Available exclusively through The Clean Bedroom, this mattress is designed to offer a comfortable, healthy, organic night of sleep at a price to fit most budgets. The core is five inches of firm organic Dunlop latex, with 3-inch top layer of medium organic Dunlop latex offers a pressure-relieving surface that helps reduce tossing and turning.

This mattress is a great budget-friendly alternative.

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Body pillows have many health benefits — helping muscles to relax, easing back pain, and helping to align your spine.

Adjustable Body Pillow

This elegant silk charmeuse pillowcase is made from fine 22 momme mulberry silk which is incredibly smooth, to offer you a better night of sleep.

Charmeuse Silk Pillowcase

I loved this body pillow when I visited the store and feel like it's a great option for pregnant women.

I'm a big believer in silk pillowcases for hair health - these are incredible.

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Vitality Natural Latex Topper

The luxurious topper is made up of a 3-inch layer of soft firmness natural Talalay latex encased in a certified organic cotton stretch-knit casing.

A nice alternative to a wool topper.

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